Loyalty program

Dear guests of the hotel.

In our hotel the system of discounts for accommodation and food on the cafe menu.

The rules for obtaining cards:

  • 5% - issued when accumulation of a lump-sum payment from 50 000 RUB.
  • 7% is issued when the accumulation or lump sum payment in the amount of 100 000 rubles.
  • 10% is given to the accumulation or lump-sum payment in the amount of 200 000 rubles.

The favorite guest card is personal and not transferable.

Map favorite guest operates throughout a network of hotels "Talisman"

карта любимого гостя

To find a room

Dear guests! For selection of rooms at your options, fill in the form, and then our system will choose for You the availability.

Children under 7 years can stay with their parents or guardians, free. Without granting a separate place.

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